Audiovisual object

Project Details

Vortex is born from our obsession with parallel universes.

In the context of quantum physics, the many-worlds theory proposes that the existence of parallel universes could be true. But this theory challenges the classical principles of identity. To solve this stumbling block, from the philosophical point of view, the theory of the many minds is proposed, which essentially proposes that it is not the universe that branches out into multiple options, but rather our mind. Explained in a very simplistic way, it tells us that each of us would be experiencing all possible realities in our own mind, but that our consciousness is only able to focus on one of them.

Can you imagine what it would be like to have the ability to direct your consciousness towards the reality of your choice?

Vortex is an audiovisual object that functions as a metaphor for this capacity, this inner bridge between realities.

Audiovisual object.

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