Project Details

Nexos was born thanks to the proposal of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Universities and the Madrid Design Festival to create an audiovisual piece in the form of a videomapping on the legacy of the Nobel Prize winner, Santiago Ramón y Cajal.

With Nexos we wanted to show, through an artistic and abstract language, how his work continues to have a profound transdisciplinary influence in the present.

To do so, we created a journey through the three neural networks of our time that, we believe, represent the wake of his research:

1. The biological neural network, which refers to Neuronal Theory and the Law of Dynamic Polarisation.
2. The artificial neural network, which alludes to the McCulloch-Pitts Mathematical Model of the Neuron, inspired by Cajal’s research and the basis of artificial neural networks and deep learning in AI.
3. The cosmic neural network, representing the work of astrophysicist Franco Vazza and neurosurgeon Alberto Feletti. They have just revealed that the structure of neuronal cells and that of the universe have great similarities in terms of complexity and organisation, as well as internal communication.

None of these three networks would have been possible without the visionary mind of the Nobel laureate.


Theoretical and conceptual development: Iria del Bosque.
Direction: Borja Bernárdez.
Scientific advisor: Luis M. Martínez Otero
Sound design and visual systems programming: Verbose.
3D // videomapping editing and montage: Borja Bernárdez.
Choir: Alicia Nurho.
Mastering: Álvaro Gallego.
Technical production: Fazeta.
Executive production: La Fábrica in the context of the Madrid Design Festival.
Promoted by: Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities. Cajal Triennium.
In collaboration with: CaixaForum.



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