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Laura LaMontagne & PicoAmperio’s musical proposal moves between modernity and antiquity. Their proposal is a mixture of Galician-Portuguese medieval music, hip-hop atmosphere and lyrics by authors such as Rosalía de Castro, Luz Fandiño, Xela Arias, Martín Codax, Eras Nunes and others. Their music flows through soft melodies, vocal loops, strong percussion and scratchy atmospheres.

On the occasion of the tribute concert to Xela Arias, within the activities of the Consello da Cultura de Galicia for O Día das Letras Galegas, the duo proposed me to make the visuals for this special occasion.

The artistic positioning of the duo with a foot in tradition, but with a marked sense of modernity, was the inspiration for some generative audioreactive visuals in the line of other works that I have developed in the last year, but this time with a more Vaporwave aesthetic. Bright colours, metallic shines and retro shapes gave light to the duo’s repertoire.

The visuals dedicated to Xela Arias I conceived them dense, dark and mainly in black and white, in consonance with the poet’s universe. White noise, glitch and distortions filled the 3 led screens.


LM&PA to Xela Arias.
Live Visuals.

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