Archon. Verbas do Demiurge

Live Visuals

Photos courtesy of: Manuel G. Vicente

Project Details

Archon is an open source interface designed for Demiurge, a machine-learning driven, generative performance ecosystem. Demiurge and Archon were built in the belief that the music of the future will be post-work; replacing instruments with style transfer, sample library generation and pattern proliferation; replacing the study itself with ready-made compliance operations. The musical activities will consist of curatorial actions of a higher level at the level of genre or mood or intensity. By freeing the musicians’ music, one frees their future from anthropocentric bias and accelerates their death drive. Demiurge, Hydra and Archon fail to achieve this vision, but they are committed to its realization.

ARCHON. Demiurge’s words for a library of free improvisation works, analogue devices and electronic media with visual support.

For his presentation at the Vertixe sonora festival, Roberto Trillo invited us to collaborate in his project by creating visuals that would react to the actions of the AI and his interpretation of the violin. We created two self-generative systems, an ecosystem of particles and a digital liquid texture, which reacted to the interactions between the AI and the violin.

Archon. Verbas do Demiurge.
Live Visuals.

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