Reactive instalation

Project Details

SELBST is a reactive installation that reacts to our most hidden passions. Within us there is an energy that stirs us, pushes us, and pulls us magnetically towards that which, like the most effective of fuels, ignites our souls. This force – intrinsic and inherent to every human being – allows us to recognise and find ourselves through our passions, guides us in the search for the longed-for fulfilment and incites us to act in order to merge with the whole.

SELBST breathes in an atmosphere conceived between Jungian thought and a metaphysical perspective on the interaction of people with life.

Under Jung’s premise “What you deny subdues you; what you accept transforms you”, the work invites us to maintain a dialogue between the conscious self of the spectator who is visiting the space, with his or her unconscious self that appears represented under the image of an organic cloud of dots with a heartbeat of its own.

What would happen if we tried to accept what we hide? Is it so horrible to see our deepest passions? To be able to look at them with affection and indulgence… To be able to accept that they are part of us, and to be aware that, in order for them to inhabit us with pride and help us grow, mature and evolve, we must come to an agreement based on mutual acceptance.

Selbst premiered at the international documentary film festival ‘Play-doc‘.

Produce: MIL111.lab
Creative Direction: Iria del Bosque
Visual design: Borja Bernárdez
Sound design: Verbose
Interactión design: Borja Bernárdez & Carlos Bravo

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